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About EnerVerde

EnerVerde is specialized in designing sustainable energy systems like integration of solar PV, solar collectors, urban wind mills or optimizing present or future energy systems in the built environment.


The ability to start from scratch often results in innovative concept solutions. The first step is determining the energy flows and their profiles, followed by formulating and designing multiple solutions. The solutions will then be addressed to a feasibility analysis, taking into account the prospected cost and benefits. All the information gained will results in an detailed overview with all the pros and cons. The final step, the choice of the final solution, can be done easily in cooperation the clients themselves.

EnerVerde & SenDS-concepts

EnerVerde is happily to pronounce to be shared owner of SenDS-concepts since 1 June 2013. SenDS-concepts is created for shared development of renewable energy products. EnerVerde participates by delivering the technical design, production and assembly of the first prototypes.


More information will follow when possible!

Projects & Concepts

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